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Good reviews can fuel positive word of mouth and generate referral traffic like you’ve never seen!

Don’t leave your reputation to chance. We build Five Star Reputations online and then market your Reputation to get more customers.

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  • 70% of consumers trust opinions posted online (Reviews) – Nielsen Group
  • 85% of consumers use the internet for research before making a purchasing decision – Yelp

Why Reputation Management is a Must for Service-Based Businesses

When you’re searching online for a restaurant there are a few things you look at: proximity, menu, price, photos, and reviews. If the restaurant doesn’t have good reviews, you can easily find one that does. For businesses that sell products, a few bad reviews might not keep customers from buying, but for service-based businesses reviews are everything.

Service businesses rely on the power of reviews to generate new customers. When is the last time you’ve seen an Uber driver with 3-stars or less? Never? That’s because companies like Uber or Lyft will deactivate drivers with too low of ratings. It may sound harsh, but for a service-based business, reputation is a direct reflection of the business itself.

The Value of a Review

When 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision, reviews have become increasingly valuable to businesses. For service-based businesses like hair salons, contractors, law firms, movers, real estate agents, accountants and hundreds of other services, reviews can make or break your business.

According to Harvard Business School, a one-star increase on Yelp can have a 5-9% increase in revenue. Even more shocking, only 13% of people are willing to consider a business with 1 or 2-star ratings. The ratings your service-based business earns directly correlate with the health of your brand as a whole.

How Reviews Impact Your Rankings

Less than 2% of people will scroll past the first page of results. This means if your business isn’t on page-1 you’re not even being considered. There are many factors that go into how search engines and directories rank a business. According to the annual local search rankings survey, experts believe that reviews account for 15% of how Google ranks a business. This is up 2% from the year before and almost 5% since 2015. It’s clear that reviews are becoming more and more valuable and it’s showing in your rankings.

For some service-based businesses that receive steady referrals, your reviews play a vital role in the success of your business. Most service businesses have a leaky bucket when it comes to referrals. When you get a referral, the first thing the potential customer does is check your business out online. If they don’t see very many reviews or old reviews, they won’t trust that referral. You must have 10 or more 5-star reviews to even be considered and a recent study indicates that buyers need 40 or more reviews to believe the rating. We recommend that you get 1 review a week.

How to Manage the Reputation of a Service Business

There are 3 keys to reputation management for a service-based business.

1. Monitor Your Reviews – In order to see what people are saying about your business, you have to be actively monitoring your reviews across every search engine and business directory.

2. Respond to Reviews – Responding to reviews has many benefits. They help the customer feel heard. The keywords found in the responses can help improve rankings. And ⅓ of the time customers will even go so far as removing their negative review when a business replies.

3. Ask for Reviews – You must be asking every customer for their feedback, good or bad. That way you can make adjustments in your business based on customer feedback and in turn you will see improvements in your rankings or reviews.

If you’re a service-based business, reputation management is a must. Each star rating can impact your revenue by up to 10% so not actively managing your reviews and your reputation is a risk that you shouldn’t be willing to take. Try our free branding audit to see where your Reputation stands!

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