Where did my Google reviews go?

Have you recently noticed that you used to have more reviews on your Google+ Local page and now some reviews are missing?

Here are several resources to figure out why your Google reviews might be missing:

1st, check out this Google article called: “Having technical issues with the reviews on your listing?“.  Google offers several explanations as to why reviews go missing like spam abatement and duplicate Google listings.

2nd, one of the biggest reasons we see reviews go missing is that they were written by employees.  Google doesn’t allow reviews from current owners or employees.  They don’t always catch them but sometimes they will if they can figure it out via the gmail account the reviewer left the review on.

3rd, the review may have violated Google’s content policy guidelines.   Items that violate their review content policies are advertising, phone numbers or website addresses, personal info, and obscene or profane language.   You can view a complete list of the items on this Google Review Policies page.


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