Local Stack on Mobile or Is It Really Just Google AdWords In Disguise?

I Screenshot_2015-09-26-auto-repair_resizedwas with a large auto repair chain owner the other day and we were talking about his local search & paid traffic strategy.  We were looking at our mobile phones for a couple of key searches as a significant amount of calls come from mobile traffic as repairs are often needed quickly when the vehicle will  not run.

Calls have been down since the change to the Local Stack and we were brainstorming where we can improve our Local SEO and adapt our AdWords campaigns.

Then BAM, I saw this!  I had to do a double take because the AdWords format almost looks identical to the Local Stack.

In fact, I was pretty impressed by Google’s quest for monetization as my gut feeling is that many of the searchers will not be able to differentiate between the paid listing and the local stack and that will reduce the any hesitation to click for a paid result (if the searcher is so inclined).

Take a look for yourself and you be the judge!

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